The Last of Us: What Remains – Questions answered

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Things can go fast. Yesterday, nobody had even heard about the live-action webseries The Last of Us: What Remains. Today, numerous websites have already reported on the project and it has become a topic of interest to many. Dutch website Meer dan Games spoke with Anthony Pietromonaco, writer and director of this ambitious undertaking.

No collaboration with Naughty Dog

The Last of Us: What RemainsFirst of all, let’s get one misunderstanding out of the way: Naughty Dog and Sony are not in any way involved in this project. “This was not ordered by Sony or Naughty Dog. We took the initiative to create this on our own and are using it to represent ourselves and demonstrate our abilities to both the video game and film community,” Pietromonaco explains.

Since Manifest Film couldn’t work together with Naughty Dog, it was impossible for them to tie their story to that of the game. “We took our own initiative in creating our own story, centralized around our own unique characters, taking place 10 years prior to the events of the game,” Pietromonaco tells us. This doesn’t mean the story is set in stone yet, however. “We did this based on the information we had at the time, and as a result, some of this is still subject to change.”

What Remains tells the story of a few survivors in the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us. A fungus has killed millions of people or turned them into zombielike mutants and is slowly starting to take the world over. Alex and David, two characters created for the series, are trying to survive in this decaying world. They meet someone who has been infected but hasn’t turned yet as well as a small company of soldiers who try to fight back against the fungus. The story of What Remains is very clearly one that takes place in the universe of The Last of Us, but because of a lack of official backing by Naughty Dog, it can’t be placed directly in the story of the game.

The Last of Us: What RemainsIt can be said that starting a webseries about a game of which you don’t even know how the story develops is a bold and courageous undertaking. Nevertheless, Manifest wants nothing more than creating a series of quality which stays faithful to the game. “There are far too many examples of half-assed attempts at creating video game content, that is not made from the perspective of a video game fan,” Pietromonaci explains. Their ultimate goal is to create a series that can be connected to the game, in the same way Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is connected to Halo 4.

First Episode

After all this teasing, we’d like to know when we can expect the first episode. “The release of the first episode is yet to be determined, as it depends on which company we ultimately end up working with.” Manifest Film is currently meeting with Machinima, the online channel which aired Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Machinima has expressed serious interest in producing the rest of the series, but if it will come to a true cooperation is yet to be seen.

Pietromonaco tells us that one of the six planned episodes has been filmed already. This pilot will mainly serve as a way to show Machinima and Naughty Dog what they are capable of. For the public, a teaser trailer has been made available to get a taste of what’s to come. This teaser was enough to make us excited for What Remains, now it’s up to Manifest to get Machinima’s and Naughty Dog’s support. If we’re lucky, we won’t just be playing the game soon, but we’ll also have an interesting new series to look forward to.

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